Wednesday, 3 November 2010

NRMA Brisbane Broncos and Aussie Softball All-Stars team up for Yellow Socks Softball Challenge

Brisbane Softball Association is teaming up with the NRMA Brisbane Broncos for the "Yellow Socks Softball Challenge" game between past and present Brisbane Broncos and Australian representative softball players. The game will be held at 12 noon on Saturday 4th December 2010 at the Downey Park Softball Complex at Green Terrace, Windsor.
The game is a charity event aiming to raise awareness of the impact of cancer on those who have suffered from or who are trying to deal with cancer. The game will also endeavour to promote the game of softball as an option to get out and get active and socialise with friends and family. Both teams will play in yellow socks as this colour is associated with the daffodil flower used internationally as the flower and colour of HOPE for a cure to cancer.
To find out more about the game and see who will be playing, please click here.

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