Wednesday, 17 November 2010

NEW Queensland Heat captains announced!

Jodie Bowering and Melinda Weaver have been named as co-captains of Queensland Heat for the 2010/2011 Gilley's Shield season.  Head coach, Fabian Barlow said the following about them;
"Mel and Jodie have a long history with the Queensland Heat program and over the years have made strong contributions to the success of the team and the program in general. Combining their domestic and international playing experience, the keys roles they play in the performance of the team and their leadership qualities it was a comfortable decision for the staff to place Mel and Jodie into the Co-Captain roles.
They will provide an important link between the players and the staff that will ensure the communication lines are always open and being utilised. The entire squad will be called upon to still provide leadership in their own individual ways but Mel and Jodie will need to lead that and the best way for that will be with performance. There has been some terrific captains of the Queensland Women’s team over the years and I’m sure Mel and Jodie will be no different."
Congratulations to Jodie and Mel for their appointment.

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