Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Queensland Heat in good position for finals


Queensland Heat have headed back from Perth in second position overall, just one game behind New South Wales Firestars.

Over six days of hot weather mixed with rain, Queensland Heat won majority of their games, putting them into a great position heading into the final series to be held at Redlands in February.
The week culminated with the finals of the Edebone Webber Shield which saw Queensland play Western Australia in the semi final.

In a marathon game which when 10 innings and lasted over three hours, Queensland were unable to score one run in the bottom of the 10th to force another tie breaker innings.

Following are their results;

Monday 3/1/11

WA 11 - QLD 0

Tuesday 4/1/11

QLD 6 - SA 0

Wednesday 5/1/11

QLD 4 - SA 0
QLD 7 - VIC 0

Thursday 6/1/11

ACT 6 - QLD 2
NSW 1 - QLD 0

Friday 7/1/11

QLD 4 - WA 1
QLD 2 - NZ 0 (5 innings game)

Saturday 8/1/11

Semi Final - WA 9 - QLD 8

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